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13 (2022 Performance Class)

One of the most frequently produced new musicals of the last decade 13 is a rollicking musical comedy featuring a cast exclusively made up of teenagers.  Essentially thirteen thirteen(ish)-year-olds as a matter of fact.

Evan Goldman is two months from turning thirteen years old, living happily in New Your City,  arguably the greatest city on Earth, when his world is blown apart by his parents' divorce. He is dragged away from his familiar life to live with his mother in a small town in Indiana.  Facing a new life in a new place where the culture is a bit alien to him and with his Bar Mitzvah getting closer every day, Evan has to navigate who he wants to be versus who he really is, and see if he can make it through the fall without losing the best friends he'll every have.

--Applause theatre & Cinema Books

Cinema Complex



Students Grades 8-12


September 24

What to Prepare?

Bring a 1-2 minute (memorized) comic or serio-comedic monologue AND 16 bars of a "Broadway" Musical number.  



Beginning Monday, 10 October

Days and Times

M, T, W 6-9 and Saturday 1 - 4


This is a Production Class

Cost:  $350

Once cast in this performance, fees are due prior to the first rehearsal



Thursday, December 8

Performance Dates

December 8, 10, and 11

Cinema Complex
Theater Marquee Lights
Theater Marquee Lights

Character Plot

Click the link below to read the Character Plot for the musical 13.

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