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How do we register for Stages classes, camps, or productions?

Stages offers online as well as mail-in registration. Our registration page will include:

  • Information and details about the class or production

  • An online registration option. Links are provided for each class or production. Stages uses the services of RYZER Events to process online registrations.  

  • A mail-in registration option. Download the registration packet and mail required materials. 

  • A complete Scholarship Application / Registration Packet for that specific class. Download the packet and mail required materials.

  • Deadlines. Be aware that deadlines for online registration, mail-in registration and scholarship packets will differ.



Do you have a wait list if registration is full?

Our classes and productions do fill up, so be sure to register early! We will maintain a wait list until one week before the first day of class or first rehearsal, but cannot guarantee that spots will open up. Contact to be added to the waitlist.


How is my child’s tuition used?

Stages Bloomington is a non-profit organization. Tuition from classes and other activities are used to support program and performance costs:  Like all theatre companies, we rent space for rehearsals, classes and performances. We pay royalties to have the right to perform the titles that we choose. In addition, our production staff (director, music director, stage manager, musicians, costume designer, set designer and builder, etc) for each show are all paid professionals.  Tuition also helps purchase the materials needed to build the set and any costumes used for performances. In addition, front desk and support staff are hired as needed to ensure the safety and well-being of our young actors.


Can we pay in installments?

Online registration offers a two-payment plan. Half is required at registration; and the second payment is due 2 weeks before class begins.


Mail-in Registration requires full payment.



Do you offer scholarships?

Stages Bloomington provides music, dance and theatre arts experiences for children and teens. We are committed to making these opportunities widely available, and Stages Bloomington is pleased to be able to offer financial aid in the form of scholarships.

Scholarships may be granted to those families who demonstrate a strong financial need, and who would be otherwise unable to participate in our classes and/or productions. We base our eligibility criteria on the income guidelines established by the Healthy Indiana Program.


The webpage for each production or class will contain a class-specific scholarship / registration packet. Packets contain all scholarship forms, instructions, and an adjusted class registration form.  Visit the class page, download the packet and mail in all required materials. See SCHOLARSHIPS page for additional details and instructions.

Scholarship applications are submitted by mail only. Be aware that scholarships should be returned as soon as possible and must be postmarked and mailed no later than 4 weeks before the first class date.


What is your refund policy?
  • All registrations include a $20 non-refundable fee.

  • There is a $20 charge for returned checks. 

  • Refunds will be made until one week before the first day of the program, class or camp. 


What will my child need to bring to stages?

Your child will need comfortable clothes and shoes that can be used for dancing and are easy to move in. Please bring a sharpened pencil to take notes on his / her script that can be erased later. A water bottle is also recommended.


What about snacks?

You may send a snack with your child, although some activities do not include a separate snack time. There is no sharing of snacks brought from home, as many children have food allergies. If sending a snack with your child, please avoid peanuts and peanut products, as well as tree nuts. These same guidelines apply to lunches at Summer Camp.


Are parents expected to stay during auditions or rehearsals?

We do not expect parents to stay during auditions or rehearsals. There is generally a parent meeting at the beginning of the first rehearsal, during which questions and logistics will be addressed. The exact time is listed in the detailed rehearsal schedule on the class web page, in registration materials, and often included in an email prior to the first day of class.


What is the Stages sign-in / sign-out policy?

All children up to grade 8 must be signed in and out by an authorized adult. Parents may add to their list of authorized adults at any time during the production. Starting in grade 8 (at the discretion of the production team), our young actors sign themselves in and out.


Does my child need to prepare for an audition or the first rehearsal?

Your child does not need to bring anything but a great attitude and willingness to learn to the audition/first rehearsal. Our productions are generally cast after one or two rehearsals, during which the young actors sing, dance, act, and introduce themselves. This workshop-style audition process lowers anxiety and allows the director to get to know the kids a bit before casting the show. There may be exceptions to this policy, which will be announced well in advance.


What is the Stages attendance policy?

Putting on a show is a big responsibility! With Stages, you are not just in a show, you are in a fully staged production which is also a class taught by experienced theatre professionals, directors, instructors, performers - who have a talent for creating good theatre as well as coaching and mentoring young actors. We emphasize to all of our families that their children are only able to do their best if they are at rehearsal. Missing rehearsals is not only complicated for the director, choreographer, music director, and the other actors, but it is also stressful for the young actor who does not have the same amount of time and instruction as his or her peers.

If your child has an emergency and needs to miss a rehearsal, we ask for advance notice. Otherwise, we ask that you honor the contract made at registration to commit to the full rehearsal schedule. Your  commitment supports not only your child, but the entire cast!


Will there be a performance?

Our fully-staged productions include multiple performances, open to the public, that require tickets to be purchased by all attendees. Tickets are usually available in advance online through the Buskirk-Chumley box office website; a handful of tickets may be available on the day of the show as well, but audience members are encouraged to get their tickets in advance, as shows do sell out. Visit our Past Productions for a list of shows that we have performed in the past.


At the end of Summer Camps, there is generally a performance for families and friends, showcasing what students have learned. Classes also sometimes include a performance at the end of the session. These showcases are open to family and friends free of charge. Please see up-to-date information regarding our current season shows and classes.

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