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Youth Club Meeting

Winter/Spring 2023

Creative Dramatics: 
          Adventures Club
                With Grace Lazarz

Saturdays Starting Jan 14 (4 weeks)

Adventurers Club (grades K-2) 9am - 10 am

In this imaginative class, students will choose-your-own-adventure their way through a story involving a series of engaging settings: Under the Sea, Candy Mountain, Deep in the Jungle, and Planet Beepboop!  The teacher is in character the entire time while teaching, encouraging students to do the same while physical theater exercises, games, and activities are cleverly woven into the story.  Each week leaves on a cliffhanger encouraging the students to come back curious and expand their imaginations!


Adventurers Club (grades 3-5) 10 am to 11 am

In this version of the Adventurers Club, students help create the story they are actively performing in! As a crew of explorers, the class must work together to solve a mystery while learning acting skills such as movement and characterization. Over the sessions, students will create an original character to embody and contribute their ideas to craft the ultimate adventure!

Happy Children

Creative Dramatics:
          Introduction to Greek Theatre

Creative Dramatics:  

     Intro to Greek Theatre (8-12)  (M, T, S) 

  Learn about the basics of Greek Theatre and how it can apply to modern theatre.  Work with professionally trained actress, Tiffany Sillivent to develop skills such as projection, playing to the back of the house, and making your emotions seen!!

Library of Celcus

Creative Dramatics:
          Improv for the Theatre

Improv for the Theatre (6-8) Level (1 and 2)

Improv for the Theatre (9-12) Level (1 and 2)

This two-part workshop, led by Taylor Zartman, will introduce young performers to the fundamentals of improv! Improv is an artform that is created spontaneously and collaboratively, and Level 1 will equip students with the listening and teamwork skills to improvise with confidence. Level 2 will enhance their performance skills with a heightened focus on character, environment, and movement work.  

Improv Group

Creative Dramatics:
          Audition Time!!

Creative Dramatics: Audition Time (8-12)

Beginning March 20, 2023 6 sessions over two weeks (M, W, S)

    Join master teachers, Rick Armstrong and Jeanna Kuschar, as your student learns the ins and outs of the theatre audition experience. From picking the perfect monologue, growing up with the audition process, and finding those perfect 16 bars.  


Students will begin to develop a physical and electronic portfolio for their future auditions!!

Man in Theater with Script
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