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Summer Camps 2023

Friends at Camp

Musical Theatre Summer Camp:  Wonder-FULL

Grades 3-8

M-F 9 am to 4 pm

June 19-30, 2023


Broadway is a wonderful and exciting place.  The lights, the sounds, the people, the wonders, and the SHOWS!!  Join Stages Bloomington this summer on a journey FULL of WONDER.  For two weeks your students will enjoy a magical journey visiting some of the most “wonderful” musicals on and off the boards!!  Students will be working on songs, scenes, and choreography that are full of that sense of wonder and imagination.  We don’t want to give away too many details but think about some of the wonderful places that musicals have taken us, and we just might go there!  Come with us and bring your imagination along for the ride.


This camp will meet daily, Monday through Friday for two weeks June 19 - 30, 2023.  Camp will end with a showcase where our students have the opportunity to show off their newfound skills for family and friends.  Be sure to register early for this camp as space is limited and prepare to have a WONDER--FULL time!

Page to Stage:  A Play-Writing Workshop

Grades 8-12

M-F 6 pm to 9 pm

June 12 -23, 2023


It all starts with a blank page or computer screen, the spark of an idea, snippets of dialogue and scenes begin to emerge from the page.  The process continues until a play is born.  Sets, costumes, lighting, actors, and sound bring these sparks to life on the stage.  Join with friends old and new to collaboratively bring a play to life over the course of two weeks ending with a staged performance of the brand-new script.  Stages students will work together to turn that blank page into a fully realized short script.  Students will also storyboard costume and set designs to augment the word on the page.


Led by experienced performers and educators Grace Lazarz and Rick Armstrong who will serve as creative guides and sounding boards through the creative process.   Collaboration is the key as students have a great time working together to realize their ideas and vison as a cohesive group. 

Laptop Writing
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