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Brundibár / Shu-chuan Chiu

Brundibár, Hans Krása's 1938 children's opera written in German-occupied Prague, is a product of collaboration by award winning playwright Tony Kushner and author/illustrator Maurice Sendak.

Stages Bloomington's production of Brundibár is a collaboration with the Jewish Theater of Bloomington. Join us in appreciating why it received rave reviews.

Grades 4 -12

November 10-13, 2016

The sincerity of what one saw, the sense of community, the desire to show something important, the hope that a significant lesson was being passed along: all these I deem as an act of love contributed by everyone involved, including those who guide and support Jewish Theatre of Bloomington and Stages Bloomington. Our town has been enriched by this noble endeavor. “Brundibar” is an act of nobility and love brought to our town. I am grateful for it.

- Peter Jacobi

Herald Times Reviewer

Read the full review "Local Production Of 'Brundibár' An Act Of Love"

Nov. 14, 2016

“despite [Brundibár] being a children’s story, anyone who watches it can recognize the historical significance it has … it’s an important story, even if the plot is childish. Not only that, but the music is beautiful. .

- Haley Paulin

Plays the part of the sparrow

Sophomore, has been involved with Stages since the age of seven

Brundibár is her tenth production with the company

Source: The Optimist

Listen to a review of Brundibár

Acting throughout is very well done and at a high level. Director Gleeson has double cast the show and it’s clearly been a great experience for her student actors. The music for Brundibar is charmingly modern. The cast sings it well and the small orchestra does a lovely job of presenting both its spare grace and richness.

-George Walker

Listen to a radio interview with Pat Gleeson
&  Azaria Wagner (who plays Brundibár)

Oct. 20, 2016

Watch three video clips featuring Pat Gleeson (Brundibár director),
Audrey Heller (Producing Artistic Director of the Jewish Theatre of Bloomington),
and five members of the Brundibár cast

6:59 - 9:45

  • What Brundibár is about

  • Brundibár rehearsal footage

12:24 - 17:47

  • Brundibár rehearsal footage

  • Pat talks about what she does as the director

23:41 - 27:26

  • The story behind the collaboration between Stages Bloomington and the Jewish Theatre of Bloomington

  • A taste of the cat, dog, and sparrow singing scene in Brundibár




Nov. 12, 2016


Darrell Gamache Stone, MSW (Senior Associate Director/Student Life & Learning: Student Organizations, Fraternity & Sororities, Leadership & Inclusion, and Community Engagement/Office of the Vice Provost for Student Affairs and Dean of Student, Indiana University Bloomington)


Pat Gleeson (Director, Brundibár)

Dr. Mark Roseman (Professor & Pat M Glazer Chair, Jewish Studies Program, Department of History / Adjunct Professor, Department of German, Indiana University Bloomington)

Talk Back / Shu-chuan Chiu

Music by Hans Krása

English translation by Tony Kushner

Libretto by Adlof Hoffmeister


By Tony Kushner

Presented by Stages Bloomington and The Jewish Theatre of Bloomington

November 10-13, 2016

Cast: Grades 4-12

Production Staff

Pat Gleeson, director

Reuben Walker, music director

Susan Swaney, vocal coach

Mary Sue Hosey, choreographer

Mike Schwandt, lighting design

Tony Brewer, sound

Brian Lewis, set design

Joe Lee, original art and set projections

Sarah Travis, costumes

Zoe Berensztein, stage manager

Props: Emma O’Mahoney, Chase Machango, Will Riggert, Anne Steigerwald, and Azaria Wagner

Assistants to the director: Zoe Berensztein, Shelby Fletcher, and Emma O’Mahoney

Set artists: Britt Rust, Jack Donnelly, Molley Whalen, Claudia Giles and Lucia Davila


Reuben Walker, music director & piano

Eliza Bracken, cello

Emily Nehus, violin

Maude Clotier and Phillip Hammond, violin serenade

Sofia Potdevin Afanador, Clarinet

Julie Lindell, flute

Svetla Vladeva, accordion

Brundibár & But the Giraffe Orchestra / Shu-chuan Chiu

Cast - But the Giraffe

Little Girl:  Marley Matejka, Dela Cusack

Mother:  Susan Harris, Zoe Berensztein

Father:  Will Riggert, Azaria Wagner

Grandmother:  Haley Paulin, Elena Stalnaker

Grandfather:  Chase Machango, Tucker Piedmont

Rudy:  Neil Smith, Jack Richards

Universal soldier:  Grania Whelan, Payton Gross

But the Giraffe / Shu-chuan Chiu

Cast - Brundibár

Mother: Elyssa Blessing

Doctor: Neil Smith

Aninka: Marielle Berin, Grace Morgan

Pepicek: Luca Castronova, Jake Keller

Ice Cream Seller: Grace Feiner

Baker: Lilly Blair, Monet Lahn

Milk Man: Grace Donnelly, Chase Machango

Policeman: Jack Richards, William Riggert

Brundibár: Azaria Wagner, Tucker Piedmont

Monkey: Laura Cavar

Sparrow: Haley Paulin, Liliana Wagner

Cat: Elena Stalnaker, Susan Harris

Dog: Grace Buehler, Chloe Borders

Children’s Chorus

Andrew Adams, Elizabeth Axsom, Chloe Borders, Laura Cavar, Sam Clarke, Nora Collins, Dela Cusack, Cara Feinstein, Marisa Giles, Amelia Huening, Lazar Jankovic, Sabrina Kellams, Addison Keller, Jake Keller, Monet Lahn, Andrea Lee, Marley Matejka, Chloe Meyer, Grace Morgan, Justus Morgan. Adeline Ochs, Charlotte Piedmont, Ivy Piovesan, Willow Reynolds, Olivia Robb, Ava Rose, Marcus Westphal, Sinead Whelan  


Adult Chorus

Marielle Berin, Lilly Blair, Elyssa Blessing, Grace Buehler,  Luca Castronova, Grace Donnelly, Grace Feiner, Payton Gross, Susan Harris, Chase Machango, Meghan McCarthy, Haley Paulin, Tucker Piedmont, Jack Richards, William Riggert, Neil Smith, Elena Stalnaker, Liliana Wagner, Azaria Wagner


Victory March with Guest Choirs

November 10, 2016 (Thursday): IU Children’s Choir

Brent Gault and Sarah Miller, Directors


Nov. 12, 2016 (Saturday afternoon): Binford Elementary School Choir

Liza Zorn, Director


Nov. 12, 2016 (Saturday evening): Grandview Elementary School Choir

Lisa Voss, Director


Nov. 13, 2016 (Sunday): St. Charles School Choir

Kathy Gorr, Director


Brabson Library And Educational Foundation

Brown County Community Foundation

City of Bloomington Arts Commission's 2016 Arts Project Grant Program

The Indiana Arts Commission

Indiana University Borns Jewish Studies Program, Pearl Schwartz Program FundNational Endowment for the Arts, a federal agency

Susan Klein and Bob Agranoff

Victor Harnack

Kenneth Heller

Paula Sunderman


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