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Congratulations to all of our

2020 Costume Contest Participants!

3rd - 6th Grades: 

1st Place - Andreina Soto as Captain Marvel




Captain Marvel - Andreina Soto, 1st Plac

2nd Place - Phoebe Mendota as Carmelita


Carmelita Spats - Series of Unfortunate

3rd Place - Norah Stauffer as an Elven                              Huntress

Elven Huntress - Norah Stauffer, 3rd Pla

7th - 8th Grades:

1st Place - Eleanor Turner as Eponine Thenardier 

2nd Place - Mateo Soto as Miguel

Eponine Thernadier - Les Mis - Eleanor T
Miguel & Dante - Mateo Soto, 2nd Place.j

3rd Place - Iris Jones as Coraline

Coraline - Iris Jones, 3rd Place.jpeg

9th - 12th Grades:

1st Place - Juliana Swoape as the Angel of Death

Angel of Death - Juliana Swoape, 1st Pla

2nd Place - Aidan Smith as an Among Us Crew Mate

Among Us Crew - Aidan Smith, 2nd Place.j

3rd Place - Rachel Waite as Jane Austen's Unfinished Masterpiece 

Jane Austen's Unfinished Masterpiece - R

A Big Thank You to All Our Creative Entrants!  

List of Entrants in Alphabetical Order 

(The Slideshow is in the same order.)

Emma Bauer - Slytherin Girl

Ashley Billingham - NCIS Agent

Bella Carney - Wednesday and Pugsley

Louise Duneman - Eleven

Iris Jones - Coraline

Clara Knieriemen - Skeleton

Noey Krothe - JoJo Siwa

Phoebe Mendota - Carmelita Spats

Macy Mullins - Wednesday Addams

Lucy Parker - Punk Eleven

Leah Rodkin - Agnes from Despicable Me

Natalie Schacht - The Slipper as Pure as Gold

Aidan Smith - Among Us Crew

Andreina Soto - Captain Marvel

Mateo Soto - Miguel and Dante

Norah Stauffer - Elven Huntress

Juliana Swoape - Angel of Death

Eleanor Turner - Eponine Thernadier

Rachel Waite - Jane Austen's Unfinished Masterpiece

Kaia Wasserman - Angel of Death









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